Perished in the sand to understand what I could be,
humbled and unvoiced I stand.
I tried to seek and search the reality of me,
still wondering what was wrong.
Am I a gift to be stored or whether a book to be read;
still with arrogance I stand pondering on these thoughts.
I believe I will perish one day, so I have been told,
and thus struggle to find some place to create a mark in the world.
I have grown from a sapling to a tree,
still committing crimes forbidden by thee.
I have surpassed all norms of life and still wish to be forgiven.
I have been always after that of self praise and self- sufficiency;
not still realizing my flaws demand eternity.
As the night gets darker and the clouds pull over,
I tremble with fear and seek acquaintance or someone to follow.
The fear grows stronger and I'm unable to move,
crippled for life sit there and rove in thoughts.
The faster I try to pick my pace, often I achieve only disgrace.
Not willing to accept defeat - that I will perish one day,
I try all stunts possible to get my way.
Failing to realize I understood too late,
that perish was all about perishing today.
Perish not by body, but mind and soul today.
Perish by deeds and thoughts of the day.
Perish by a cruel heart that leads the wrong way.
Perish by tongue that bruises gateways (the heart).
Thus, never perish, never perish for your name will always stay.

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