Periwinkles (apologies to Wallac

Periwinkles (apologies to Wallace Stevens)

I'll probably be dreaming of periwinkles at night
Putting them each on the side
Taking them from a tray.
That's what Carly told me.
She's the owner of the Big Red Machine.

If it weren't for me what would you do?
You'd probably be dreaming of periwinkles at night
You'd probably be wearing caftans and coats
Short-sleeved jackets, buttons on the side.
That's what she said.

I sailed towards the shores of Tehuantepec.
I did not dream of periwinkles at night
No matter what Carly said.
I did not wear caftans or coats.
I did not speak to Ramon Hernandez
Not even his cohorts down by the Keys.

But I did see a blackbird:

The blackbird flies...
And he flies...

Thirteen different ways.

That's what he said.

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