Just a wistful thinker to believe
A horizon, much too beautiful to achieve
Always a sight to behold at sunset
Forever a wish to be sought, never forget
Many claim to have tamed your burning will
Yet you remain far away, unattained, still
The sun hovers above a never-ending line
A blinding light hiding a possible sign
For a morning person, it is to bring hope
For others, a terror with which they must cope
Arms extended, my fingers follow a place
Where sky and sea meet, a benevolent face
"Let me have you," I am to say
"Allow my heart to reach you, if you may."
Stay where you are as I travel forth
And let me prove to you my wholesome worth
Troubles and obstacles will not daze me
Past maelstroms and beasts, with you, I'll be
For you are the greatest treasure I'd ever seen
Give me more time to show you what I mean
Without you, the world is dark and cold
And to quit chasing a mirage, I was once told
"Don't tell me to let go," was my reply
"I'll hold on until the day I die."

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