2 seasons have gone since my depart
In the land where exists no such thing as a heart
Oh Mother, how I wish to rise
Out of the darkness into your arms.

Voices whisper that while I sleep by His side,
You, force of nature, are inclined to hide
While forging the snowflakes of Winter
With tears, and the ripped pieces of my letter

He lets out a smile as He sees my sorrow
Because family is a term He will never know.
He only aspires to a deathly loneliness.
Among all the spirits, He is the emptiest.

He envies me because soon, the next season will begin,
I shall be allowed to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.
I will return to you Mother, safe and sound
But He will never be free from the Underground.

Await, Mother, for someday I will return.
Flowers will blossom, turn by turn.
The sun will appear along with your smile
We will un-freeze the world for a little while.

Fix the aching hearts and refill all the holes,
We will rule as Queens and feed the hungry souls.
Colour will spread on Earth’s precious gown
As I bring Spring and Summer back from the Underground.

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