our memories are all we have even though we still hug and laugh
and we even have those moments like how it use to be
I've kept my head up high every time you're gone,
and I'm here whenever you get home,
so that we can pretend again that its just you and me
dont you see
that im dying
I spend the whole time trying
to be strong because i know its what you need
But I just cant do this anymore.
My heart has just been torn for the last time
because of you're inconsistency
I told you that i could do this and be ok,
I'm just not capable to stay this way.
Every night your gone, with your high heels on
chips away at the only place you own.
my beautiful love, please let me be
because you're the only one i want and its plain to see
with my head up high im singing this song, its true
because i just cant do this anymore
hopes and dreams dont come to be
through giving to a closed hand
that only opens when theres something that it needs
My love I hope that you'll be fine,
You will always have a place in mind
only you can make this the last time
so remember how much you mean to me

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