Person In Exile

I've been gone for years, and you never noticed.
No one smiles for that long.
No one. Not you, not her, not even them.
Yet you believed I was ok, when I said I was ok.
I've been trapped for years, with no one noticing.
How though?
Easy explanation, with the mask I've created,
I'm right here, laughing, joking, and carrying on.
Only had enough energy to show you the public me.
Only when I'm alone, is the real Prxnce shown.
How I can't sleep.
How I throw up after I'm forced to eat.
How I took my heart off my sleeve,
threw it in a trash can, then set the can on fire.
Sat down.
Relaxed and watched as my heart was being burnt down.
After all this I still made sure you were in no pain.
See, I care for you more than I care for me.
I'd give you my heart, but its gone in flames.
I'd give my mind, but I've seemed to have lost it.
I'd give you my all, but why let you build me up?
When in the end, i'll just self-destruct.

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