Person in the Mirror.

There’s a break in my mind as if it were a bone,

Something is wrong that I can’t seem to condone,

It’s tearing me up and letting me run wild,

As if I’m as ignorant as a new born child,

I do and I do and all of it is wrong,

I build up all this good just to set off a bomb,

Straight through my life, I allow it to blow,

Breaking apart everything I’ve worked towards and know,

So now here I am in a million bits and pieces,

What do I do now that I’ve left myself speechless,

I can’t even think, so then how do I do,

Anything at all that brings me back to you.

And when I say you, I really mean me,

The real me that’s buried beneath the debris.

I might need help to lift up all the ash,

That’s holding me down and making me crash,

Into a lifestyle I’ve seen once too many before,

You’d think I learned my lesson last time I opened that door,

Insanity, perhaps, it’s what they’re calling it now,

I want to get away from this sad story of how,

How exactly I even got to this place,

This deepness of darkness that burns great as mace,

It’s a burn that you feel as if entering the bounds of Hell,

While leaving you to crumble after hearing the knell,

You’re already dead, but is that for real?

Or do you still have that last shot at appeal,

Things may turn out fine, just as long as you believe,

I guess I mean I, for I’m done being naive.

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