I’m that thing that hides within your brain
No, I’m a person, and I’m mental
A shadow followed me down the hall…
The force of love was strong, but so was my strain
I just wanted to say I’m sorry for taking over your body
You tried to stay strong, but I’m infectious
You tried to keep going, but I won’t let ya
I’m much stronger than a personality that’s moody
I’m apart of you, and you can’t get away from me
I take over, so you can’t think
You get suspicious or frightened when someone blinks
I laugh at you because you think your power against me is meager
All the more fun for me, this is when I can take over
I eat logical thinking like I’m the brain’s cookie monster
Sooner or later, the emotional side & day-to-day thinking are merging
Thank God you didn’t take that therapists offer
I’ll be here eating the brain’s cookies forever
I’ll never get full as long as you keep the feeding up
It’s like you’re walking through a lightening storm with a metal tipped umbrella
Although I’m sorry, I think it’s pretty fucking funny
You could’ve got help, and you could have fought me away
I’m sorry you didn’t, so here I am today
It makes me laugh now, the free bird I’ve taken
I know that’s mean, but I don’t care anyway
I live in the brain, and I control bodies
With that kind of power, I’ve grown quite an ego
I fight for brains like little kids have demands screaming leggo my eggo!
The people I take with this become merely casualties
I am sorry if this was someone you knew and they were lost
But I have to keep going to get all the brains I possibly can
I’m sorry your friend, your family, your loved one, or yourself was my victim
But driving you mental and up the walls will always be my boss

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