I crave the freedom of the sky
Not birds not clouds nor even air
The ever vigilant watchful eye
Observing us upon the ground
Vast with beauty knowledge grace
Imagine what it sees in us
From up above, a higher view
Ignores the troubles of our days
Silence of the winds above
Gives a breath to purity
Independence from the green
Floating like a vagabond
A patchwork sewn by skillful hands
Looks beautiful from only there
In my dreams I live above
And see the vision of the sky
The ease of loving from afar
Melts my jagged memories
Blissful in my dreamt repose
I lend my essence toward the stars
Slipping back with gravity
The portrait starts to crack
Jarred awake by all the things
I tried to float away from
A dream is just a dream although
I wake still on the ground
Remembering the beauty from
The visions of my freedom
I long for truth among the clouds
And reach for it in vain
For now, I will remain below
and stare into the atmosphere
While I’m jealous of the sky
And dream to live among it
I must remain a stranger
to preserve its own perspective
It can never know the truth
We fight we kill we soil
For if it did, and came to us
Its vision would be broken

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