Perspective of a Kid

They say black is a single mothered home with no father to be found
they say black is a young men hustling drugs pound by pound
they say black is young man being shot
and the community not making a sound
scared of law repercussions that would shut them down
willie lynch still has these shackles bound
scared to express our rights teaching to abide the system not fight
but these words i write are just a imprint
call us a minority because our skin has a darker tint
and i say by any means necessary because that's the way to go
derogatory meanings of color is all they've shown
take Boldness, Leadership,Ambition color and kindess
and you got black one of the finest
Culture that spreads through generations
that one growing up black post could connect a whole nation
They hate us out of admiration,
so much hate and we still survive
pause let me take a moment to speak
hang us beaten us down brutality to make us weak
So much transgression in one week

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