Sometimes I think about life from another prospective
Murder, abortion,no religion, hate, contraceptives
Since real is the reality of someones perceptive
What if I'm not real ,but fake, just too blind to accept it
Am I wrong having dreams of a Taylor made love story?
Disney Channel dreaming being Topanga and Cory
Maybe I should just wake up and silence the loud snoring
Embrace reality stand in the rain while its storming
Why smile when the sunrise or feel joy when the suns shining?
Why examine the rain clouds for a silver lining?
Why not embrace the rain as it falls and touch our warm skin
And hope that when it drips off it carries our Hell hot sins
Cool down my hot head and put out this fire in my pants
And water these seeds I spill out through this pen on paper
And watch it sprout stainless steel trees with leaves sharp as razors
My own fortress of solitude where peace of mind i find
In my dark mind where all I know is rain clouds,no sun shine
Maybe I should be doubtful of the sun light that breaks thru
Take precaution and step back then look from another view
Since whats right and wrong is judged off of someones perceptive
What if I'm not right, but wrong,just too blind to accept it..

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