How strange to sit on the top of a hill
And watch drivers passing below
Why are they in such a hurry
Where do they have to go
They don’t even see the flowers
That brighten the paths they have passed
And they haven’t a clue there is so much to do
They can’t see for they’re going too fast

How different to sit on a park bench
And watch little children at play
They haven’t a care — it’s such fun to be there
They would happily stay there all day
They can swing on the swing or slide down the slide
And the Merry-Go-Round gives them such a great ride
Though they come home exhausted they feel so elated
Not at all like the drivers who come home frustrated

Take a look at yourself — in which group do you fall
Are you always frustrated or having a ball
If you start off each day with a smile on your face
You will find that your world is a happier place

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