Perversion Whispers

Perversion Whispers
Your words fall on deaf ears.
Your voice I choose not to hear.
Your breathe wreaks of stale beer.
Get away from me no one wants you here.
Away from here years ago & today.
I wish there had been a way.
To teleport or astroproject so I didn't have to stay.
Towards someone good to connect.
Of me people continue to neglect.
Evil is who I deflect.
Beauty is what I reflect.
Loneliness is what I get.

My eyes saw.
What you did broke the law.
Because of you ma kicked out Pa.
Every fiber of your being has a flaw.
Your morals are baked & your evil is raw.
Your hands are like a devil's claw.

Unfiled & unreported.
My thoughts real & undistorted.
The "mom" I disowned is disheveled
Her house pak rat hoarded.
Piles of filth & stench.

To know your face.
Ruined my past I can not replace.
Here at home of crimes there was no trace.
Police said low priority case.
Heaven has been a disgrace.
You've been banned from that place.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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