Pescado De El Cielo

With light in the sky vision is born.
From deaf spoken lies people are torn.
We live. We die.
We love. We cry.
Who is to say heaven is sworn?
How is today a promise tomorrow?
How can we pray when nothing to sorrow?
The past preexisting the future a dream.
I once reminisced in a memory stream.
The coming present is just, but a wish
floating in ocean and I am a fish
with dreams of adventure and buckets of lists,
yet confined to physics which complicates life.
So easily taken by the stroke of a knife.
These cells combine, these waves will find
this planet's end, but are we not heaven sent?
To dream is to wish and to wish is to hope
the struggle to live is merely a joke.
The purpose of life has none at the start
to give life purpose is the meaning of heart.
To see the lies,
I synthesize something.
from my loving cry,
I am guaranteed nothing.
So final days will speak the truth
and lies will die with age and youth.

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