Pesky Dogs

I can feel your sorrows rushing through my bones,
I can feel your heartbeat thumping in my throat,
You were were at home,
Thinking"why does everybody have to feel so alone?"
I can hear your foot steps creaking down the stairs,
I can see the tears and the blood on the tile floor,
You were crying there, thinking that nobody cares,
You were screaming out,
Saying"I can't take it, I can't take any more."
I can hear the sirens headed for your front door,
The neighbors pesky dogs were barking from there back porch,
Your parents were crying, it broke their hearts,
it broke their souls, it broke them to the core.
And so not read,
"Mom and dad I'm sorry, I didn't mean to let you down,
But all you'll find tomorrow morning, is a body on the ground.
I just wanted to be normal, I just wanted to feel okay,
But all that I really wanted, was to be happy.
All that I really wanted was to be, happy."

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