Petals of Ignorance

I am lying in this grave,
That you have dug with a spade,
The spade of your heart.
Slowly covering my body
With the petals of ignorance.
Petals of ignorance, which are
Not so blissful anymore.
It's bliss, wakes me in the morning
This song you so gracefully dedicated.
This silence they say is now
Some kind of obsession
But I beg to disagree.
My mind knows all too well.
One million rain drops
Glide across deaths window seal,
Chasing anything and everything.
It's sadness to never hear the
Stories my soul once knew.
Dying thoughts of a mind lost in pace.
Stars on a dark night, embers of a shattered life.
All that's left is chaos,
Deranged, heartless words
Of a world consumed with forgetful hate.
Resting in a vein ran cold.

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