petit small

to those who might care
to those who might freight
save your time
spare your tears
since your time is not worth my sorrow
a young girl alone but not scared
i shall shed not a tear
for my problems are no more than that
my problems no more no less
they don’t kill young children
or bother others like a plague
they don’t fuel racisms or violent acts
so in the grand scape of things
i should cease my ongoing free flowing tears Though they never fail to fall
for my problems are always quite small
yet I cannot explain why my tears never yield
for my problems are miniscule
but they burn like the caress of a knife on my cheeks
rolling to the nap of my neck
even though they are quite cold
it makes my flesh burn like fire
i isense that these feelings are skewed
yet I can’t help but feel my tears
hot and light yet wet and heavy
h feel as though I might drown in self pity
in a puddle of my own blood
still running freely down my cheek
here I shall lay
knowing that just like me
my problems are quite small

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