Phantom in the Theatre

Actors hailed for enacting the tiresome words,
the hollowness of those verbatim monologues,
being scrutinized by the holder of the magnifying glass
knowing nothing of your role amongst the actors and waiters,
being held in a prison;
type-casted from just the appearance of your visage
what you see is not how the mirror views your face
there was once a reverberation in our words,
a passion for telling a tale,
a spell that made people applause and stand on their feet
their applause turns against us when the critiques fall in your lap
merely a pity clap to get them off the stage
we eventually fall off the face of obscurity
where when they fall everyone asks:
"Who's he?"
and they answer afterwards:
"Never heard of him."
the pit in which the actors fall
a chasm that eats hopes and dreams,
their lives become a masked figure at a masquerade being ignored,
merely a phantom in the theatre.

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