On the heels of that elusive grand illusion
I will prove indeed that it truly does exist
On past the fury of torrid blind confusion
Unwavering upon the trail, as it turns and twists
In the throes of passion and erotic diction
Through the tomes of romantic sultry prose
Tales of the long cold winter together
And how the bloom never fell off the rose
Like specters we had haunted each other
All through the shadows of the pale moonlight
Counted all the stars that shined so bright afar
And spoke wishes upon all those that came into sight
Those wrought out embers are still faintly glowing
That smoldering smoke floats gently through the air
As well as all the things I would like for you, to be knowing
Visions of your superlative smile, to which nothing could compare
Forever I have lingered in that tired old memory
I have wandered that worn out path so many times
The voices of silence speak so loud and fervently
When entangled in the growth of solitude’s vines
I have been forewarned against all of this foolishness
Experience has well cautioned that betrayal is at hand
But the remnants of youth, they make me so impetuous
Foregoing all that I have learned and come to understand
Abandon those notions of logic and reason
Step up to the edge, to take your leap of faith
Dive down through the deep, of the chasm there before you
Trust that you’ll be delivered, far from the reach of any wraith

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