Phantoms In My Bedroom

Alone again at night

This lonely bed calls out my name

As i am asleep

Very still

The bright red digit numbers say 3:10 AM on my alarm clock

There is a whisper in the dark

My bed room is silent

Like a burglar robbing my dreams in the middle of the night

I suddenly woke up

Something in my mind told me

There is something here

In my small room covered with cheap wallpaper

My eyes are not used to this black darkness

Should my eyes get rid of this fog

I feel this cold presence

Like he is sitting on the corner of my bed

Now i feel like there are a couple of them

Maybe this was some dream?

Maybe this was all in my head?

Get rid of this feeling i said

This odor was strong

This feeling i was used to

As if he is holding my hand

Or if he is looking right at me

A deja vu in my bedroom

Maybe this ghost was lonely

Maybe he just wanted to say hello

Maybe he is wanting to talk again

This dark December morning

I can see it snow

Snowflakes running down my gray rooftop

I see this figure in the corner of my eye

His soft spirit was a gray glow

Such a hard thing to understand

A figure in disguise

I rub the fogginess off of my dark brown eyes

As i can see so clearly now

I cannot lie

This figure was trying to tell me something

I cannot speak

Speechless i am

He is standing at the end of my bed

I am cold

I can't feel my feet

This force makes me stand

Out of my long brown wooded bed

I am freezing

Enough said

I look around my entire room

These figures looking back at me

I am safe

Fear is out of my head

This deja vu

He tells me something without moving his lips

How is this happening

Can this really exist?

I try turning on a light

They wont let me

He said don't be afraid of us

Don't fear this darkness

His message was told

I was not alone

A message only for me

It felt like hours passed

Condensation fills the glass on my dresser

Is this just a vivid dream?

Why am i having deja vu

Phantoms in my bedroom

I turn on my light

This bright whiteness fills my eyes

Blindness for a moment or two

I look to my alarm clock on my night stand

Those bright red numbers saying

It is 3:11 AM

Only one minute has passed

Maybe these ghosts will visit you

I know what happened was not a dream

Silent bedroom again

My mind was in a fog

Such a mystery

Alone again at night

Maybe it will happen again

This cold winter night

The moon will always be their sun

Let them visit again

I am used to there darkness

I will not be afraid anymore

I will not run

These phantoms in my bedroom

There time has just begun

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