Pharmacist with Fibromyalgia

I hung up my lab coat in the back of the closet.
The diploma on the wall.
The futility of it all.
I fought the fight, my soul not set.
In chains I strove against the rising tide.
However, I could not abide.
My body rebelled at forty-six.
I went to human resources.
The bureaucratic forces, they would not fix.
I asked for accommadation,
Instead I got condemnation.
Are we human or marching along to a corporate song?
Until you get old, then are told.
My profession went out the window long ago,
When the beasts waved money around like snow.
Here we go.
Bye-Bye pharmacy!
You see it is just too difficult for me
To be silent when I want to shout,
To be serene when I want to scream.
Am I not a machine?
I am to you. I know that's true.
What a fool am I!
Didn't get the memo as American as apple pie?
My heart missed that, I don't know why.
See the pharmacist cry.

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