Phoenix Force

Burning outside, burning inside,
but not dying from the heat of the flame.
You see death by fire, was not in my plan,
but rather life by fire is my name.
I am the nexus of all psionic energy,
and its guarded by a burning so bright.
If I revealed my true form, to anyone on Earth,
they would run, being overcome with fright.
I am the Phoenix Force, an immortal being,
only God can destroy me, thats it.
But i live for my master, i do as he says,
so longevity is exactly what i get.
fierce cosmic blasts, that cannot be stopped,
I shoot with the force of my will.
At anything that threatens, the plan of creation
I am ordered to immediately kill.
An angel of judgement, you can say so to speak,
as what I declare is made final.
You cannot undo, what I did by my hands,
but you can know it was just, and smile.
Mastery over my own existence,
self sufficient, like the . One Above All.,
In His image and likeness, by His will and decree,
I am the Phoenix Force, and I never will fall.

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