Photograph of a Beach

People wait all week for Friday,
All year for summer,
And all their lives for happiness,
Don’t they see that the constant caress of the waves is what shatters the rock,
So not so easily shall happiness unlock,
Why look for something that can’t be found,
In our hunt we become bound,
And soon enough we realise,
A beach never gets the same wave twice,
For you see the waves are the moments and the beach is our life,
Without the waves there’d be no sand,
And without our moments; our lives unplanned.
Submerge yourself in all around,
And let this secret be resound,
Life is a struggle we must accept,
But it is a struggle that if dealt correct,
Leaves a beautiful resonance for us to reflect,
Remember not everyone’s picture is ever the same,
It’s up to you to choose your frame.

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