Photograph of sorrow

Put your head on my shoulder,
I’d like to tell you something, to explain to you
If you’d understand,
Neither what pain nor suffering is,
Nor how dense the slap of the Stone echoes
When it hits the bottom of the abyss.
I’d like to describe love to you with only my eyes,
The futile love, praised, sad, endless love.
Put your head on my shoulder,
Let your peace flow into my wanderings.
And don’t look at me – you’ll see nothing.
I can’t feel joy,
I won’t say a word and you’ll understand:
My sorrow in a second becomes yours,
We’ll float far together…
Tearful eyes, hands holding tight
We’ll sink into the gray fog.
Put your head on my shoulder…
I’d like to reveal my secret to you:
It takes so little to choose
The wrong way on a crossroad…

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