Physical Messages

I’m tired my body says; No, keep going, my mind replies.
I want to lie in bed my body says; No, there’s things to do, get up, my mind responds.
There’s daze my body tells my mind to give up.
I keep going; you can’t solve anything by staying upset.
Throughout the day my mind listens to my body a little more.
I have to know when to stop, or the next stop is the morgue.
My mind wants to keep going; it gets way too hyper-focused.
If I could save the World in one day, I’d live that high forever.
But time doesn’t work like that; my body gets tired.
If you look at every minute as a World-saver, you won’t get too withered.
Listen to your body when it gets hungry.
Relax your mind when it goes on hiatus.
Take the time to take the steps to save the World.
If I don’t reach this balance, my head starts to whirl.
My body tells my mind when to stop.
If I ignored it, the change I want to make would evaporate.
I can’t give myself to others if I’m in pieces.
Strong people lift people up not pulling others down, and I say this from my own experiences.
This is what it means to be strong not weak, and that is my good instruction.
It’s about having the power to lift up the weight of others, but it’s nothing physical.
Finding the power within means not letting your mind’s ego takeover.
Let your body be a little more than your mind’s chauffeur.
Be in tune, and let the two come together.
Let them get along nicely, and you’ll be twice the person.
You’re already awesome, so imagine what you could be as a double!
You could do it to get better because no one else will be here to hand you this mindful of an anecdote.
Please let your mind and your body live as two peacefully.
Tune in your body to this moment before your mind’s encouragement ceases!
Now you can make it better to keep alive this Spirit.
Since I wrote these words to remind you, promise your body and mind won’t lose it.

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