Physical Therapy

It was more than physical therapy but little did we see. It was about you helping me and me helping you too.

Soft meditation songs playing quietly as your coaching me. Words of praise and encouragement along with stretches.

Pain relieving, muscles strengthen along the way. Feeling better with time and progress. When we first started I was a mess.

Conversations we shared showed you really cared. It was more than physical therapy. Not about money. I could clearly see you Enjoy what you do, therefore you are good at it.

Sharing about the pain in our lives that breaks our hearts, another healing begins. Its more than physical therapy, now we are friends.

As my time for physical therapy draws near to an end, I'm forever grateful for the pain that put you in my path. I'm grateful for the times we made each other laugh.

I'm forever grateful for the things you've taught me, your comfort and sincerity. Many may call you a physical therapist, but for me it's more than physical therapy. A friend now and forever you will always be.

An angel of light, a blessing to others, God's vessel at work through your hands and your heart. May you never change. Now ain't it strange how God works in mysterious ways.

What started as physical therapy for my pain, led to a new friendship I gained. God will always give you double for your trouble. I know it's true for I feel better and I found a friend in you. May God continue to bless you in all that you do do. For all that you've done for me I just want to say thank you friend.

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    This Poems Story

    With stenosis and a curved spine causing back pain already I was in an auto accident causing more problems. I had to have physical therapy. At first it seemed my progress for the better was slow. Then one day I met Shannon. She was different. I could clearly see the young lady was an angel. I had good vibes about her. She seemed to enjoy her job and she was good at it. During conversation we found we were connected in another sense and experience. My heart went out to her as I understood something she was going through. Through getting to know her which was an honor and a gift we found a new friend in each other. I just thought about how God works and often takes our pain and turns it into something positive. The people he puts in our paths and sometimes I believe he puts two together who may be going through a different kinda of pain and each has something to offer the other and both receive healing by helping each other. This was the case for Shannon and myself. We found strength and healing through Helping each other and a friendship formed.