Piano keys

One black, one white
Sharply shaped in specific order,
Weapons for the ones who defend (/give up) or fight,
The tender line between the morning and the night,
Hidden romance between with the moon at night .

The best detectives for any crime,
They know you more than you do your own self.
Unreal world in real time,
Dancing like the Goddess and her elf.

Someone share braveness, someone their fears,
Someone loudly expressing their love,
Someone storytelling the pillows covered with tears.

They say some things.
Things for the journey that started but never end,
For the daughter who lost her dad,
For the message you wrote but never sent,
For the one who used to care and called you brat,
For all the things that you can’t write
All the things you have no courage to admit,
For all the battles you lost without fight,
The trust you wanted to remain but quit.

The world is fooled that the greatest Amadė was their king
But that’s far away from what’s real.
They reveal your secrets just like a loud choir sing
Hitting precisely every your Achilles’s heel.

Punish these evil ebony and ivory keys,
For dehumanizing the Human within me !
Revealing my weaknesses putting me on my knees .
Crushing my walls, naking my soul so everyone could see .
Sent them in the 7th circle of Dante’s hell,
Minotaur will show them their way.
Punish them for all the things they tell,
For using my trust for their fray .
I left my heart in those notes,
All the monsters inside my head,
All the heavy stones in my throats
For the red roses that are now death .

And why we should sent them to Harpies someone will ask
How a human became a thorn rotting straw ?
To answer that I will put down another mask,
Why I quit my own painting that I actually never draw .
I will explain this as simple as I can
Imagine a desert, heavy dried land,
Wind floating with no direction or plan.
If I’m the desert , they are the sand.

Candle, piano and a man
Music, quietly, slowly swings
Warm like a fireplace in the winter snow,
Peaceful like birds on the string,
Tender like first kiss on cheek,
Soft fluffy cotton
Sharp as the last time we speak,
High as highest mountain peak .

Again I said nothing and I wrote all these pages,
Cause piano notes are no signs but feeling
Like boats floating in the mind’s darkest stages
In the deepest wounds that are never healing.
Do Do Mi , Do , Do Do Mi
Do Mi Do2 La Sol Sol Fa
Throw me back in time, back to my Ammon Ra.

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