Pick A God and Pray

We lock eyes
And I'll wet my lips
You're giving me a smile
And your head's screaming yes
So baby you know what you gotta do

Pick a God and pray
Because I'm gonna leave you a mess
With just one kiss
And and my hand on your neck
Try to keep your eyes open
And the last thing you'll see
Is me
Before I make my move
But when your lips meet mine
I know that you're gonna swoon
You're gonna see stars
So you better pick a god and pray
Before I take your breath away

You better sit down, sit down
Or I'll knock you off your feet
But don't worry I'm here
But the night is looking scary
So let's hide under the covers
And stay until the sun comes to play
But since we have all night
You better pick a God and pray

Your hands down my spine
You're kicking your feet
But you ain't throwing a fit
You wanna be a tumbleweed
And flip and flip
That's fine by me try to keep pace
Baby you know what you gotta do
The moments right I'm going in
So pick a God and pray

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