Picking Up The Autumn

The winds swirl in praises
The remnant season is ending
God’s broom sweeps the life of spring
Around and around the old goes
The trees and plants watch from above
Only a few flowers still quietly blossom
Other pedals fall to the bottom
God is hard at work
Putting the gardens back to sleep
The end is only the beginning
Familiarity churns in the soul
The unknown is chained to Fate’s locked away daughter
Haven’t we met before?
In question marks, the sky speaks
Many of colors around black pupils meet the night’s stars
This sight has already been seen
Back to infinite ages ago
Many of souls have gone wild
Under these thick, bright lights
Of space’s deep, dark abyss
The Earth spins in God’s hands
Molding Art with magnetic fields
So don’t be afraid to go with His Seasons

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