Picking Up The Pieces

I thought I was alright
When will we finally be lost?
In each other, I can not be alone.
The simple things I find to be complex,
With you around, it can't be found.
I look to your disease, rotten skin flakes away
it reigns around the house, comes down with a pound of your fist.
Logic is your escape, time is all it takes.

When I thought you were alright,
Living with no moral,
It's the last I've cleansed away.
Horrid thoughts have left my head.
I taught you love, you've gone astray.
I look to your disease as a morbid justification
That lingers in your skull and explodes into the coldness.
I'm left to pick up the pieces. You touched the sky.

I'll fade away from your arms. I sway.
Lay upon me and cease your disease
I can't say what brings me to you.

I thought things were okay.
Left alone to wallow.
It's the last time I cry this way.
Perceiving thoughts have left my bed.
The flame remains, and burns my flesh.
I saw your disease as a clarification
That takes over my heart and leaves me down,
To pick up the pieces while you continue to die.

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