Picture Perfect Lies

You were this picture perfect painting I painted over my eyes.
I only saw perfection, which had hidden all your lies.
In this picture perfect painting, there wasn't a single flaw.
This picture perfect painting was something gods would draw.
You seemed the answer to every problem, I always turned to you.
Never asking questions, just assuming your word was true.
I never saw past this painting, which was fogging up my eyes,
I never saw past the perfection, which was hiding all your lies.
I never thought this painting would age, peel or fade.
I never thought this painting could hurt me more effectively than a blade.
This picture perfect painting, became a nightmare before my eyes
This picture perfect painting aged, revealing all its lies.
At first I didn't believe the painting, I thought it couldn't be true.
This picture perfect painting was perfection, it was you!
This picture perfect painting, distorted my vision for so long.
This picture perfect painting made perfection look so wrong.
Now every night as I fall asleep, you appear before my eyes,
My picture perfect painting, composed solely of your lies.

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