Pictures For Pizza

I'm barely hanging on to happiness
To my distress, loneliness is just around the corner
Harboring an anger so bitter the toxicity could kill me
Betrayal and deceit
Extra large
Hold the cheese
Keep the receipt
Trading in a picture perfect relationship
For a picture perfectly depicting
Everything that I find deplorable
In another human being
No longer you and me
Stop the madness, I've had it
I'm fed up with second chances
It's just us and we but when can I
Consider me, myself, and I and ponder why?
The bell has rung
Shape up, square up
It's an uphill battle and I forgot my inhaler
I'm Vlad the Impaler serving up dreams on a skewer
Garnished with a fruit that few have tasted
Don't touch me- I'm wasted
Indulge in whiskey
Self deprecate with wine
I tell you that I'm hurting
You tell me I'm fine

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