Wind of illusions casting shadow over faded dreams and empty promises
I need an escape!
The scars they left seem to never fade,
a constant reminder of a love abused.
Pondering this cycle I have been constantly forced to repeat,
searching for an end.
Why do I continue?
Is it by faith? By choice?
I find myself asking this question quite often only to find,
this we call love, that uncontrollable need all....counterfeit.
Picture perfect promises painted with false words.
This is my life forged and broken
like shattered pieces of glass sprawled across the floor.
Quite amazing how good of actors you all were,
Now as I lay here gathering myself,
collecting my pieces, perfecting and birthing new lines,
I realize once again,
some will not be found and another scar will take its place.
I have to make an end, refuse the broken!
For you see I have found my way out.....
no longer will my curse go unspoken.
My body no longer a walking billboard
advertising pain you forced to be worn!

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