Sometimes I can't sleep because of the pain
Emotional bursts of torture ensue
I think I must be selfish, or maybe I'm just immature
These feelings are real
I can't explain the way it feels
When the epicenter of your world seems light-years away
The beacon of hope shines so bright at times
Then like a wormhole, the beacon is engulfed into nothingness
Desperation imposes, fear and anguish
For my world begins to fall apart
I attempt to imitate strength, but fail miserably
Nothing can replace the need I want to badly to fulfill
It's not about physical desire
But the intense need to fill the hole in my soul
Like putty, a glue that holds pieces of me together
During the time when one is close enough to become apart of me
I do not understand
I cannot make sense of my pain
Why one could reject a love so organic.
What is wrong with me?
What is wrong with him?
What is wrong with us?
But I always wake up
Sleep has cleansed me
It is a new day and the morning light washes away the pain
My mind is clear and I once again begin anew

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