A sudden impulse one night made me go out for a walk
Strangely coming across you laying on the sidewalk
Slightly confused while crouching down
Asking what you were doing with a small frown
You told me that you had fell
I smiled and said that I could tell
Looking at me sadly you reply "No, not like that."
Sighing, I sat next to you, hoping instead for just idle chitchat
It was then I noticed that the ground was cracked around you
There were pieces of broken glass there too
"What happened?" I asked.
You stared back at me with a blank mask
"I fell and my heart was shattered."
Shaking my head sadly because I can see that you're tattered
While looking you over and deciding what to do
You simply stare back at me with sad eyes of steel blue
Leaning down, I whisper to you "Have you learned anything at all?"
You nod and reply "Next time I'll try not to fall."
I smile and extend to you my hand
You hesitantly grip it and I pull gently but as a demand
Up you go and are standing next to me
"You're looking better already I see."
Letting go of your hand and I begin to walk away
You suddenly grab mine and softly ask me to stay
I agree and with a second thought, crouch down once more
Gathering up the glass, it digs into my hand but it's a pain I can ignore
With all the pieces squeezed in my hand
I look up at you and then stand
You reach out to take my hand again
Instead I drop something into your hand then
A small red glass heart sat in your palm
You look at me with a peaceful sense of calm
"If it breaks, I can fix it."
I'm pulled into a loving hug
I smile and give you hand a small tug
Together we walk away, leaving the sidewalk crack
Not once while you were with me did you ever look back

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