Pieces of Your Portraits

The pieces of your portraits are strewn across the bathroom floor
As they emerge from the shadows its me that they came for
deliver me from evil i don't want to burn in the fires of hell
they bind my hands stitch my lips and hang me naked inside a cell
inside of this type of darkness i believe time does not exist
with rows of razor sharp teeth they bite with sinister intent
Just how many had i broken of the seven deadly sins?
He sits in sauntering silence then stares at me and grins.
I shall tel you why , here for you have dealt in death.
disobeyed your mother and put fathers patience to the test
He saved your soul paid for your sins with his very life.
You drove the last mile to heartache with a preacher mans wife.
Now as he moved closer to me i recognized his twisted face
I was staring into my own eyes id locked myself in this place.
Then i wake up sweating soaking wet in the middle of our bed
Was it to Pavlov salivating dogs that my soul was almost fed?
Then i hear the sounds of screaming coming from down the hall.
You are standing over top of me my bloody hand prints on the wall
The words im so sorry crudely painted there in red.
I wanted to spend my life with you but id chosen death instead.

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