Pierce The Walls

Dark thirty, my day begins, I better get up before the intercom starts screaming, it reminds those of us that are still dreaming of where we really are and how far we still got to go, damn this floor is cold.

I want to wash up before my bunkie gets up, it's the only privacy I got.
I feel like a fish in a pond, nowhere to hide from the wandering eyes, crazy thing is they get paid to keep me in sight.

Ten minutes to go before the doors pop, and my cellmate is still not up, I yell her name once again, oh well it's her that'll get disciplined.
I walk to my door, anticipation gripping my heart, maybe they passed mail out late last night.
Chow call is the magic that opens my door and I walk out, eyes glued to the floor.
Nothing there man, doesn't anyone care?
Day in day out only the walls to console me, Christmas is here, and I feel so lonely. Funny how you can be in a place with so many inmates and have no one to talk too.
There are different types here, you tend to gravitate to the one that will accommodate where you're at in your life cycle.
When I was a child.....these are the ones that are 26 still giggling and joking about where they have been. Taking nothing seriously, 9 out of 10 will be repeats and have to do this again.
I know, I know......these are the ones you tend to tell “I told you so”, and still they won't hear you, no matter how good the advice they think “I got this” their way is RIGHT.
Give me 50 feet…these are the ones that are done with the system, they just needed a reminder to set them straight, and this little trip will do the trick, but don't get it twisted they are a force to be reckoned with.
I have been through all these stages been getting busted since the early 90s, last trip I about lost my mind, I wanted to gag my cellie and beat her senseless with my little bar of cashmere soap.
Nothing in life remains the same not even this wicked cat and mouse game, in and out, in and out, we repeat and no one or one thing can change me but me.
I write this with a little knowledge and understanding, and a lot more wisdom than the person I was back in the 90s, If someone had picked up a pencil and sent me a letter I guarantee I would have skipped steps 2 and 3, or maybe not who knows, not even Santa Claus.
Don't toss aside those homemade cards with funny drawings on them, this is our way of showing you love, and believe it or not we stayed up all night to draw whatever cartoon is on the front side.
So this holiday season, let your heart go out to the ones that are behind bars, especially if you have been there before, most of all don't forget
where you came from, God bless to all and all a good night.

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