By Da Poet   

Pigmentation, the color of skin, it makes no difference what body you’re in.
Is a rat not a rat, and a dog still a dog, no matter how you disguise them,
when you’re rid of the fog?

I’m bewildered, perplexed, yes, even confused, by the way we think we’re
different concerning our views. Examine if you will, my analytical drill?
Do you have a head with a body attached; two arms, hands, legs, feet, and
things like that?

Have you eyes that can see, and a mouth that can speak, a nose that can
smell when equality is bleak. If you get cut do you not bleed, I know we do
we’re from the same seed? And when you bleed is your blood not red, our is,
if yours isn’t, you must be dead?

We breathe the same air, we eat the same foods, what an eccentric difference,
do you see it too? Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, my GOD there ain’t much
difference, what the matter with us?

Ethnic synthesis created with such a high degree, which our world allows to
deteriorate, such a sad sight to see. Henceforth, it wasn’t meant to be like this.


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