Pigmented Wax

By Lin Lin    Avatar

The little girl, with her hair tied up in two pigtails
switches between the red, yellow, and purple crayons.
She shades her dress red, and then taking the white crayon
to color her skin.
Abruptly, someone hands her a yellow crayon and blurts
“This is your skin color and grabs the white away.”

She had two eyes, sharp like scissors.
She had five fingers on each hand,
and two feet.
That can walk, skip, and jump,
but it did not matter
as she was not like the others.

They said stay away from the sun
as it really makes the olive
in your skin pop.
So she did and her serotonin grew lower.

She no longer skipped or jumped.
But, she was on the road to success
after millions of bottles of chemicals after chemicals,
She finally battled the yellow out of her skin.
Sitting down, and grabbing the white crayon
Nobody objected.

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