If everything means something,
And every detail is enlarged,
But the earth from the view of the stars doesn't exist
Everything you know, is really nothing,
If you were to place it outside of yourself.
My thoughts are funneled into a focus on the lint of life,
And the lint turns into a planet
My cells turn into a galaxy with my beating heart the sun,
Of a dysfunctional system.
Emotions are center, as the black hole of my galaxy,
Bending and distorting the light with maddening pressure.
A pulsing devastation.
But you have to show your smile,
And not let them know how deep you've gone.
Past the cells, past the sound, into the dark.
I'm not looking at you.
Looking at your cells.
And when you're standing in front of me
I'm unable to stand the sight of you,
Now observing you from the distance of the stars.
You don't exist.
You are just me
A remnant of the self I used to be.

Someone I no longer know.

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