Alone again in the dark,
Hugging my pillow tight,
Always feels like there's no light,
My tears again started to fell,
The pillow once again the one who witness
on how my life is always been stressed,
My pillow is always my comfort everytime i feel uncomfortable

Everytime i'll hug the pillow tight
Everything feels so right,
lt makes me think that i have someone,
that will comfort and protect me unlike everyone,
My pillow is the one i can talk to,
I can share all my problem with it when i don't have someone to talk to
People always think that im crazy
talking to a pillow and such daily
But what they don't know is that i'm not talking to my pillow because im crazy,
It is also because i don't trust somebody,

All my life people is always doing bad things to me
That's why i only talk to the pillow because i know it won't respond and judge me
Like how people do to me when i share my problems to me,
They will show you that they care about you at first but will just eventually leave you at last,
Pillow is my comfort because this is
the only thing what makes me comfortable.

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