Sounds of laughing, and a desire to dream
Color in a way that it would never look bored
It is tempting to see people passing by,
Makes me realise that life goes on
Judging people from their actions is what i do,
The wall has covered the view, only a part of it is visible through the window,
Its an awakening that comes after a storm
And I'm here leaning on my pillow, in the night,
Staring at the world outside
A better picture, with lights and sounds,
Things moving here and there, still in motion
While I'm lying still, as if not willing to move,
Tied up in the daily drama
I keep doing same stuff everyday.
I throw the useless in the warehouse
And shop new even when not needed,
Just for the sake of pleasure,
Of buying and communicating, being a social being,
I feel alone, when i come back home,
Finding there no one, waiting for me
I simply get changed and run to my bed,
Just to stare through the window again
The night view is quite appealing,
I feel like I'm not alone on this earth,
There are people,
Countless lives, and the thought of it
Relieves me,
And the i close my eyes and try to sleep,
The sounds of cars and bikes moving here and there,
And the horns doesn't let me feel
That I'm alone.

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