Pimpin’ for Pastor

Pastor prayed to God
to make him more than a man
more than a charismatic preacher,
who could turn a phrase
with lyrical skill and musical sound,
more than a gifted teacher
who arrested the attention
of every holy-roller in town

He wanted to be more than
the Principal of a Sunday school for the blessed
For in trying to save the saved
he found so little rest

Pastor wanted to be more
than a handsome picture of
of masculinity for the widowed
Mother's Board to "Amen! "
He wanted to be more than
a catalyst for the voices in the choir stand
Pastor wanted to be much more
than a puritanical face
endorsing political men
Vanity had no place for wisdom
and no tolerance for grace
both the message and the mission
became as clear one day
as the nose on his face

He confessed and he prayed
and accepted God's decision
Pastor was to capture lost souls
for the Lord's redemption

And so it was time to roll
2007, Oakland, California
A Friday night at 10 O'Clock
on International Boulevard
The Oakland Stroll

a sight to be seen
young girls
fourt een
twelve and younger
dressed just like video vixens
bitter nemeses of the African queen

Like Jesus, Pastor wept
accepted with his whole heart
the journey that lay ahead
Now was the time to test his flock,
to see if they could be truly led
It was true they were present
every Sunday all aglow
Now was the time to see,
who was in his church for the Lord
and who was there for the fashion show

Sunday's sermon mesmerized
Oh how the tears poured
Oh yes my friends,
If you had come to the church on that Sunday
it would not have been Jezebel's
but your own flesh, the dogs chewed away!

Pastor wiped the sweat from
his brow and the tears from his eyes
and revealed to the church the mission

"Are you ready, Church? "
"Yes" the church said
Hot, still coming off a Holy Ghost high
Folks fanning with Martin's image,
waving their hands in the air
then the church was still
getting those last few shudders
out that the spirit had left in the room
and sort of robotically replied to the call
"We will sing, " Pastor said
"Yes", said the church
"We will pray, praise and lift up
the Lord's name! " Pastor exclaimed in excite
"Amen", said the church
Then, calmly, he said
"We will march church
we will march... tonight."

A delay; a mild reaction
even from the mother hens
then silence, followed by
too many reluctant Amens

The Christians in the fashion show
left their bibles and gathered their stones
as they walked the runway
between the pews, to the door
filled with complaints and moans

By Altar Call
Pastor had lost more than one hundred
well dressed Christians; nearly half of his flock
but we ninety-five were with him
marching from the church house
to the children selling themselves on the block

it was 2007 in Oakland, CA
A Friday night,10 O'Clock
International Boulevard
We were Christians on a mission
to save little girls who had been depraved
and bring them back to God

Pimpin' for the Pastor
hustling for the Lord

by Jessica Holter

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