Pine Bluff

People in this town are a shade of an incorrigible green.
They are filled with envy and lust.
They're also cunning and mean.
Buildings crumble down main street,
No one cares to clean up the rubble.
Madam mayor is a sheep.
This town is good for nothing but trouble.
Inhabitants possess a hunger for your money,
But no one wants to work a steady job.
There's a plethora of convenience stores,
So they conveniently get robbed.
Cold steal to your head, "Please don't pull the trigger!"
Before you mutter words, your body is in full rigor.
Gunshots, bodies in gutters, this is one place you will remember.
Drug deals, screeching wheels, everyone has an agenda.
They all leech the system because Grandma told them that they're victims.
Uncle Sam prints a lot of welfare checks.
Bullet riddled skies,
Tainted hearts, and a ton of lies.
Everyone residing here is a wreck.

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