Pine Tree

Consent to you is a law you can override
A password you can hack so you will soon be gratified

My body was just a piece of fruit
For you to suck from and pollute
Leaving me to be nothing but left-over, dried-up skin
Denying me of my worth--making me alone carry this sin

I watched the relationships of my loved ones and resented it
Still believing my role as a woman is simply to submit
To reject all forms of respect and dignity
Because if I was worth it why would it have been me?

But I refuse to be thrown away
Disposable--something you once claimed
A victim of your backwards mentality
You are the one who betrayed your own assumed mortality

I am not the fruit you pick from the low branch
I am the pine tree whose roots stay planted during an avalanche
The heart still filled with love after adversity
My persistence to grow will not be affected by your insecurity

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