Pineapple Tree.

You are in trouble with the pineapple tree.
He likes to munch on you and me. The more you fight,
The more he bites. Better run outta site,
He likes to hide beneath the night. If you find him,
During the day, you better run; you better pray.
He might seem friendly, he might seem kind - but,
He's the only one without a mind.
If he feels up to eat he'll save you for a special,
Treat in a place you cannot see asking what he done to,
Me. I cannot run, cannot see, hope he doesn't eat me.
I might be hungry, I might be cold; but a grudge,
I will not hold. For I sit at home all alone hearing a,
Moan and a groan I turn and say, "Is that you Pineapple
Tree? Come out for me to see." And that's the end of
You and me..

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