Pink And Yellow

Love is scary,
and amazing.
Love is the center of the universe
moving, yet somehow still in its place,
gravitating and grand.
Love is down to Earth
comforting and humble.
Love is unselfish..
NO! I want more
I want to LOVE MORE,
I want to be loved,
Love is uncontrollable
its a force unseen, a tectonic of our souls.
we love but we don't understand it..
we speak of it but its language is action,
is it pink? is it yellow?
or is it a lack of color, always changing,
sometimes rich and deep.. sometimes light and almost pale .
Love is a dove,
a symbol of my Lord Jesus Christ a baptism of purity
I am I to try and understand Love
if Love wanted to be understood,
if man were truly able to understand the complexity of Love, imagine.

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