Pink Marigold

Loving you was the easy part. Admitting it was hard.
Hot chocolate. Strawberry Cream. Bubble Tea
I was drowning in your ocean. You were the blind lifeguard
You knew your oblivion, and so did I. Roses on the thorn tree.

I just think that I don't know how to think
I feel like feeling is all but an unexplained thought
I feel like I have an undying thirst, but all I do is drink
Drink, and drink… almost as if expecting a drought

I turned loving you into my life
I felt that it was gone when you were
I thought that love was only when I thought of you as my wife
You sheltered my storm, you brought clarity to my blur

I got so addicted so quick
My daily medication
Till I met you, I didn't know someone can make you feel homesick
Mine. Justification without the explanation

I loved you in real life, and even in my best fantasy
It made me hate love, for destroying the idea of you as my forever
I wanted to experience with you. Greece, Hawaii, to the Annecy.
Hi. Bye. Love. Hate. Now. Never

Yes, I wanted to discover the world with you.
All I thought about was you. Nothing new. Nothing old
I felt that I lost myself when I thought I lost you
My feelings were so out of the blue. Cloud. Sunflower. Pink Marigold

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