From East to West, and North to South,
it magically appeared.
Like a dragon yawning, began today's dawning.
The sky in the East teased with a hint of pink.
Quick as a wink, a belch from heaven erupted.
The entire sky was writhing in a glorious pastel color.
Billows of candy cotton floated over rooftops.
The South, a wide open mouth,
spewed a roiled effusion of wonder.
The West, was a powdery gray,
except for the start of a rare solid pink rainbow,
arching high into the sky, stopping before nights faint
taunting stars could grasp it. A signal from an invisible
conductor invoked a legato crescendo.
As quick as it came it was gone,
The pink was taken away.
Morning sky was again pale gray.
The day was not yet over, pink still had more to say.
As the sun retreated for another evening of rest,
gray sky scattered and splattered the West.
Slender clouds shaped like herrings assembled in an array.
Slowly pink reappeared tinting those clouds on display.
Pink then tucked sun into bed for the night,
climbed in beside him, and turned off the light.

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  1. HB

    What a stunning piece of art wow!

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Lacking a smart phone to photograph the spectical, I did what I could to paint the event in words.