Pipe Dream

Awaken those inner thoughts and bite down on my
cherubic touch. Desire the mind that holds you closer
to their heart and electrify yourself with the fantasy
of my flesh underneath your fingertips! Flipping back
and forth trying to fill the gap between the open space.
It’s fascinating how the growl guides you in deeper to
inhabit that hollow intense imagination illuminating
and intoxicating the jauntiness of your soul. Separate
the innocence and control the kindle or set it free and
keep the languid motions going! Let it linger but not
for too long, so that it doesn’t leak abruptly! Listen
to me and don’t lose the magic, just mesmerize the
rowdy road ahead. Merge into the lanes that mystify
your majestic ways and maintain the moisture that comes
naturally. Let it ooze out so the pace can be much
smoother to partake in the passion that peeks your
interest and pleasures your primitive side. Feel my
every quake and quiver as the craving heightens! Keep
rising and don’t restrain from this rowdy and savory
moment. Saturate the surreal feeling pulsating through
me! Stimulate your head to stroke the temptation away
and let it explode to a point of no return! Understand
that the trembling and vibrant stares are worthy and
sincere. Now all you can do is experience the X-rated
writhes and yearns for that zealous sensation again.

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Feelings of day dreaming